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Using high reach water fed poles, with quality pure water, We are able to safely clean your windows without the need for ladders which could potentially damage the exterior of your property.


The term Pure Water in window cleaning describes ordinary tap water that has been filtered through a purification system, to remove all the natural minerals. This water is often described as ‘deionised water’ due to the type of filtration used. The reason for this is that pure water dries to leave a completely crystal clear finish.


If you've ever thought 'Why do Window Cleaners not dry the windows?' Here's why; When applied to Window Cleaning, using pure water means that there is no need to squeegee the water from the window. Providing you have agitated (or scrubbed) the dirt and rinsed the window thoroughly to remove the dirt, you can leave it wet and it will dry completely clear!


We provide a professional and quality Conservatory window and conservatory roof cleaning service


We provide Gutter/Fascia cleaning to keep the exterior of your property looking its best.


Are your gutters blocked and overflowing? From the safety of the ground we can clear your gutters of any moss or debris that has built up over time. We can offer a live camera inspection before and after.

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